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Manual and Automatic Gates

Here at Indolotus we have a collection of gates for all types of property, as well as the conversion of old entrances to electronic status. Our reputation for installing high-quality gates that stand the test of time is well-known throughout the Lahaina, Kahului, Upcountry Maui, and Kihei areas. Our technicians take every project seriously and will always deliver gates that meet your design, dimension, and quality specifications.

Our gates will be the ideal complement to your home or business; they have the same royal aspect as wrought-iron but with an added touch of shiny beauty. Furthermore, unlike other metals that require constant upkeep to maintain their attractiveness, aluminum is considerably easier to clean and maintain because it does not fade in any setting.

Indolotus Imports is a Maui-based company that specializes in designing, crafting, selling custom gates, including installations.

Maui Island residents can choose from a variety of ornamental gates made of aluminum, iron, or steel. Typically, these products are used in homes, gardens, offices, etc. They can be custom-made to fit your needs, all shapes and sizes.

Our diverse selection of include:

Aluminum Gates, Wooden Gates, Automatic Gates, Custom Gates, Copper Gates, Steel Gates, Metal Gates, Stainless Steel Gates, Designer Gates, Driveway Gates, Entry Gates, Estate Gates, Floral Gates, Wave Gates, Affordable Gates, Dolphin Gates, Sea-Turtle Gates, and more

We service in all of Maui.

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Privacy Fences, Security Fences, Wall Toppers

If you need to have some privacy in your home, especially on your yard, then you can try to add some privacy fence. 

For houses with children or pets, our privacy fences are the most secure alternative. They are often made out of tightly fitted panels that prevent intruders from peering into the home. Our Fences can be fitted on top of your existing walls to increase privacy. The are artistic to match your style and you have a huge selection to choose from at Indolotus.

Check out our stainless steel fence made to look like bamboo!

Come have a stroll through our store and see why we are the  #1 gate and fence contractor in Maui.

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The best selection of designer gates, planters and ceramic pots in the whole state!
Excellent customer service and fantastic value for all ranges and needs. Highly recommended!

Win D.

I could get in real trouble here as there are so many interesting fun pieces. Beautiful glazed pots, unique tile options, cool stone sink options, interesting pieces of furniture and art. Frankly a must see. I bought two glazed pots and love them. The people couldn't be friendier or more helpful.

Troy L.

A great place for both quick trips, and full shopping. Really great prices, awesome employees, friendly and quick customer service!

Priya G.

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Custom gates are in abundance at Indolotus Imports. You can choose from our in house selection or create something totally your own. There is no gate to big or too small for our talented team! If you have a need for a gate then we invite you to come in and speak with us today.

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